Terms & Conditions


Rates: All fees are published separately. Rates apply to booking time only; all usage is subject to negotiation.

Hourly Rate: Two-hour minimum on all bookings.

Day Rate: The day rate is six times the hourly rate for eight consecutive hours.

Overtime: After eight hours the rate will be one and one half times the talent’s regular hourly rate. Holidays are double the talent’s regular rate.

Sunday Hourly Rate: Sunday rates are one and one half times the talent’s regular hourly rate.

Preparation: The charge for fittings, make-up and hair is one half the model’s regular hourly rate.

Tentative: If the client does not exercise his option to release or confirm tentative bookings, the agency reserves the right to cancel the booking therefore allowing other secondary bookings to take priority.

Test Shooting, Spec Job: Specific arrangements must be made with the agency before a model may sign a photographer release and photographers can release the photographs.

Cancellations: All definite bookings are subject to full fee cancellations.

Weather permit: The same day cancellation is full fee. If model arrives at location and is cancelled, the full fee is charged.

Hair, make-up, digital images, mailings and wardrobe checks, billing information or any other special requirements must be specified by client when placing definite bookings.

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