Overcoming Feelings of Rejection

Rejection sucks. As a model or actor you’ll experience rejection throughout your career no matter how successful you become. Don’t let your emotions get in your way because the fact is you won’t get very far if you do.

Nobody understands what I’m going through.
Model and actress Kate Upton was rejected from Victoria’s Secret highly anticipated annual Fashion Show even though she was at the peak of her career and had shot for the brand’s catalog.

It’s okay to share your experiences with other models but do so in a way that’ll build support and not make you feel more isolated.

I’m angry aka frustrated, afraid, hurt.
Anger can be a good thing if you use it as motivation.
Let each ‘no’ fuel you not sidetrack you. Learn something new from every experience and look at it as the training you need in becoming an industry pro. Your confidence will grow, which will get you noticed and booked.

My bookers aren’t pushing for me.
Your success is the success of your agents.
It takes time for your agents to develop you if you’re a new face. Don’t feel like you’re being pushed to the side when other girls seem to be working all of the time and you’re not.

I’m not even good enough to get signed.
Unless you’re scouted you’re going to have to meet with several agencies.
It may take multiple appointments before you’re offered a contract. The agency that turns you down today may be the same one all over you tomorrow.

I’ll never get this opportunity again.
You’ll be requested by the same client, casting director and producer if they really like you but more importantly if they see that you’ve got potential.
The more they see you, the closer you’ll be to finally getting booked for the job that is meant for you.

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