OPEN HOUSE: Eventful Opportunity for Discovering and Developing Talent

This year’s Open House attracted a range of undiscovered talent who didn’t go unnoticed from the moment of arrival.   Women, men, young adults, and children had the option of making a red carpet entrance and were welcomed by personable staff members who led them on intimate group tours of the agency.  In the acting and television room named Hollywood, they gained insight into various opportunities in voice-over, commercial, and industrial film work from a seasoned instructor.  They also got to observe existing talent demonstrate their ability to read audition scripts, which is a skill that they will be trained in if accepted into the program.  In the New York room, more talent commanded the runway as a table of New York City agents from True Model Management, The Industry, Aura, and catalog photographer Sandy Birner gazed appraisingly.  The well-coordinated event featured an array of delectable refreshments, festive decorations, and lively entertainment.  Michael Jackson impersonator and talented makeup artist Joby Rogers, as well as season 16 Project Runway model Kylie Frink made guest appearances to the delight of many.  In between playing hit mixes, Dj Bob from Entertainment Unlimited engaged participants in industry topic trivia and winners selected from a variety of prizes like t-shirts, bathing suits, makeup, accessories, and $50 gift cards to Bobs and Salon Zurell.  

It’s easy to see why admissions representative Connie Mangiafico is pleased with the event.  “It is a cool and exciting vibe,” she says.  “Different people from different walks of life get the chance to live out their dreams today starting here.”  For 24-year-old actor Forest Quaglia, it is an opportunity for exposure and experience.  Tina Kiniry knows the power of making connections.  “Networking is a part of what we do,” she says.  For new faces, the timing couldn’t be better with a busy season approaching.  Those who are offered a contract have the potential to start working as early as the summer or Fall once they complete the program.  The program which covers courses in areas like runway, acting, and nutrition also has intrapersonal value.  Kiniry, a graduate of the program herself attests to how her mother got her enrolled to help build her confidence; within a few years, she owned the company.  The agency is a full-service operation that offers support to talent throughout their careers so that they can continue to thrive.  The rapport between agents, talents, parents or guardians, and instructors empowers this success. With a strong, legitimate team behind them, this year’s group of talent can become the faces up on the agency walls that future models, actors, and actresses can look up to for inspiration.

By: Adaora Akubilo-Cobb
May 8, 2018
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