“For the past 15 years I have had the amazing opportunity to work with Tina Kiniry from JC Models of CT. Time after time, we meet truly viable high fashion models from her office and we are consistently impressed with the caliber of talent and level of development upon their arrival to NY. Anyone would be challenged to find a better agent than Tina in the area! When their models land in NY, they are polished, professional and prepped for success in the highly competitive world of modeling.”

…Roman Young
 Wilhelmina Models

“I have worked with the JC Centers for many years. We have consistently found great models from all over the United States through the Centers. The JC Centers are a great way to educate oneself about the modeling, the acting and entertainment business as well!”

…Karen Lee
(Former Director of Scouting)
Elite Model Management

“I have found many amazing new faces from JC. I am always more happy to work with the staff at JC because I know that they have a way in finding great new talent. As always, it is our pleasure to work with such professional and reliable people. Keep up the good work!”

…Erin Lundgren
New York Models / LA Models

“I always find good models, professionalism and good collaboration at JC. It is the easiest way to scout new faces from all over the United States. Thank you guys for existing.”

…Giorgio Riviera
(Flash Model Management)
Milan, Italy

“For 25 years I have seen the great contribution the JC Agency has made in starting the careers of models and actors all over the U.S. Because of this, I am particularly proud, as both a teacher and recruiter for the New York Film Academy, to work hand in hand with the Centers in offering incentive Academy scholarships to their talented graduates.”

…David Vando
New York Film Academy

Father-Daughter duo achieve acting success after being scouted by a JC agent. Click here to learn more.


LoanDepotCheck out Kristen’s blog Last Night’s Look! Last Night’s Look is a blog that Kristen started to share some inspiration and ideas such as beauty, makeup, fashion, travel and of course mommy wisdom. Kristen started this when she was on “The Real Housewives of New York.” To respond to some of the tweets and questions that she received from her fans!

“JC placed me with an agency in Boston while I was still in high school (with braces). Then when the braces came off, I signed with many other agencies and traveled all over the world. The skills I have taken with me from the Center have given me the confidence I needed to succeed not only in modeling, but in everyday life!”

…Kristen T.

“Modeling has been my full time career for the past six years, but my success is based upon my experience with JC  of CT. I have been featured in numerous magazine editorials and even after all this time, I still can’t believe my career.”

…Liz W.

“I have been signed with the Ford Modeling Agency in Chicago! This is an experience and goal that I could not have achieved without the help of my amazing agency who taught me everything I know.”

…Caelese B.

“I started with JC in 2003, at the shy, insecure age of 15…..What a difference JC made! I have participated in numerous fashion shows and magazines and I’m just getting started!”

…Katherine R.


“I have been represented by JC in Hartford, CT since August 2010 and the experience has been wonderful! Tina and the entire staff at the agency are professional, friendly and willing to help each and every model become as successful as possible. I was a bit skeptical at first, being that I am a model in my (40’s)…but I quickly learned that this is an agency that promotes models of all different looks, ages and sizes. It’s refreshing to find an agency that embraces the many faces of beauty and helps prepare every model for any job. I have had several bookings and have met a lot of very interesting people and I am just getting started! I encourage anyone who has an interest in modeling/acting to look into JC of Hartford…it’s a wonderful agency!”

–From YP.COM

“This is wonderful agency to work with. Their models are always professional, excellent, and well prepared for the job. The staff is friendly and makes working with them very easy. I would recommend this agency to anyone looking to book models or to someone who wants to become a model themselves.” 


“Absolutely, Positively a Wonderful Business and Experience for all. Both my kids have been with JC for nearly 2 years and have just recently started to really want to get into the whole experience. So far, they have done some great jobs with some awesome people. They are having so much fun that it really doesn’t seem like “work” to them. The agency is wonderful and Tina is absolutely fantastic and so on top of her job. She is super efficient and easy to work with that it makes it a dream for the kids and especially me as a parent to deal with someone who knows what she is doing and takes so much pride in her work. We are looking forward to many more wonderful years with JC and can’t wait to see what the next job will bring. Thanks so much for giving my kids this opportunity and brightening their horizons, and creating self confidence and so much more in them.”



Emily – Emily has taken the fashion industry by storm in  ads for Maybelline and Guess?. She has also worked for Victoria’s Secret, Cosmopolitan, Express, Marie Claire Spain, Numero, Vogue, Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani, Harpers Bazaar UK, Calvin Klein, and Glamour Magazine!


Read her review!

“I started at JC when I was 11 years old.  My experience with them has been very positive.  JC has given me confidence, poise, and self esteem which have helped me with my career and with my everyday life.  I am still in the talent industry utilizing the skills I learned with JC and know those same skills will help me with college.”
–Emily Didonato 

Adaora – John Cassablancas’ model Adaora Akubilo gained recent publicity after being featured in Sports Illustratated 2012 Swimsuit Edition! Watch a clip of her on Fox CT with John Casablanca’s President Tina Kiniry! Learn more about Akubilo by following her on Twitter and liking her on Facebook today!


Read her review!

“I started booking local runway and print jobs immediately and I was elated! The center held a casting for NBC’s Sports Illustrated Model Search, which I booked and was flown out to L.A for the first time! With Tina’s help I’ve been placed with different agencies nationally and am currently based in New York City. I am proud to say that JC has opened up several doors for me. I’ve graced pages of magazines, I’ve been on TV and radio, I’ve travelled, and I’ve met lots of interesting people! Thank you JC and Tina!!!”
–Adaora (JC – Hartford)

Ethan – A successful child model and actor, Ethan has work for Brooks Brothers, Lego, S&S Worldwide, Bob’s Catalog, and Sting’s Sunglass Video!


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