How To Stay Focused On Your Goals

Goals for 2020 - New Year Promises

You’ve got to love the promise that the New Year brings. To receive that promise, however, you’ve got to set some goals! Goals keep you moving closer towards your best self. As eager as you are to meet her, keep a steady pace and trust the journey.

Ask yourself what you want
What makes you happy? Do you want your relationships to be stronger? Do you want to look and feel more confident? Finding out the answer to these questions can help you set your goals. You’re worth too much and have way too much potential to settle for anything short of what you want. You’re valuable and so is time. So what don’t you have time for, literally? Asking yourself what you don’t want can be helpful. It’s really important to search inward during this process. Don’t get distracted by what other people put out there for you to see or by what they say. Once you figure out your “what” make sure that your “how” is just as clear-cut.

Write them down
There is power in words. It’s twice the power when it’s written and meditated on. Turn it into affirmation. Stick it somewhere you know you can’t miss it so you’ll read at least once a day. Try creating a vision board for your goals that include images of yourself and your shining aspirations. Focus on your written words and on your vision board consistently. Before you know it, your goals will be manifested.

Set it in motion
Get some manpower on this. Ask for help from someone you trust . . . a mentor, agent, manager, trainer or someone with expertise in the area of your goal. They can advise you on what actionable steps that you can take to reach your goal. They can encourage and motivate you. The bonus is you’ll have someone to hold you accountable. Ultimately, it’s up to you to show up and do the work. Don’t be afraid to be great because it’s in you to be so!

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