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Do you want to become a strong print model? Learn this important technique that’ll get you rebooked again and again.

It’s been said that the way to a person’s soul is through the eyes. It’s also a way to get a product sold. That’s why it’s important to know how to connect through a different pair of lens – the camera.

Feel it. In most circumstances, you want to keep your feelings in check to survive the competitiveness of modeling. However, when it comes to creating that million-dollar shot, you’ve got to put yourself in the shoes of shoppers. A jacket keeps you warm but it can also get you lots of compliments. Connect to these emotions. Show warmth through your eyes for example. You can practice in front of a mirror and take some selfies using similar scenarios.

Know the brand. Research the brand that you’re being cast for. If it’s a clothing brand, dress the part for the casting. If it’s for a beauty product, study the expressions of the models. What angles are the models being captured in? Your overall look is a big reason you’re cast but make sure that you capture the spirit of the brand to book the job.

Look through the lens, not at it. To nail each shot, you want to avoid looking like a deer caught in the headlights. The key is to pierce through the camera lens with your eyes instead of staring blankly at it. Imagine you’re trying to figure out the photographer’s true eye color. Have fun with it. Be creative. This is also a way to learn how to squint.

Vibe with the photographer. Forming a positive vibe with the photographer will make connecting to camera so much easier. Be as engaging as possible while keeping it professional. Vibing with the photographer also means being able to take direction. Listen closely and work it.

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