4 Self-Care Tips To Survive The Holidays

The holidays are meant to be joyful. Self-care is key to locking out the chaos. Here are some helpful tips to take care of your mind, body and soul.

Relax. It may seem impossible to relax with an endless to-do list of holiday shopping and planning. When you’re not actually running around, your thoughts are racing with all of the things that can’t get done on their own.

To avoid becoming a firework, countdown from 10 and take deep breaths. Do this as many times as it takes to center yourself.

Take a detour to the nearest spa and while you’re there maybe grab a gift certificate for another busy person you know.
Carve out an extra hour before bedtime to read or to listen to an audiobook.

Exercise. A good workout is an energy and mood booster. Plan to keep exercising and schedule in an extra session for fun. You can workout anywhere, which will make sticking to your routine easy. You can take a brisk 30 minute to 45-minute walk outside if the weather suits you, or you can jog for 25 to 30 minutes. Most gyms are open around the clock, but be sure to check out the holiday hours first. If you’re traveling, don’t forget to pack your sneakers and sweats. Exercises that you can do indoors are jumping rope and workout videos.

Give. It’s uplifting to give and this is the season after all. There are holiday productions that you can support by attending or by volunteering in. Put your acting, makeup and styling skills into practice while helping to spread a message of hope and joy. It’s a win-win.

Goals. Whether it’s a New Years’ resolution or daily habits, it’s important to set goals to have a healthy mind-set. If you’re trying to maintain your current weight, keep doing what you’re doing. The last thing that you want to do is suddenly slack off just because you’re in a comfortable place. If you want to lose a few pounds, drink more water and avoid sugary beverages. Never give up trying.

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