3 Budget-Friendly Ways to Get Your Look

Some very high profile models have had cosmetic procedures to enhance their look, although only a few will cop to it. Your look is what sets you apart from the competition and the good news is there are other ways to level up in a beat, that won’t cost you much.

Beautiful Black Woman Smiling

Hair. Have you heard of the name Linda Evangelista? She’s the supermodel from back in the day whose signature haircut made her famous and got her booked at a higher rate. Black models with natural hair like Hollis stood out early in their careers, booked more, became trailblazers within fashion, and sparked a cultural movement. Your look can be by length, texture and or hair color. Find a stylist who can create a look that best fits your face and that brings out your unique personality. Don’t forget to give your agent the heads up before you get in the chair though since they’re responsible for promoting you to their clients.

Teeth. Smiling is a big part of your job especially if you’re booked for print and commercial work. To get that bright smile, you can have your teeth bleached by a dentist or you can do it yourself at home. It’s important to talk to your dentist first if you choose the at-home option so that you do it correctly. Another way to improve your smile is to get your teeth straightened. Hold off on getting your gap closed, however, because that can be a beauty trait that sets you apart.

Hands, feet, abs and your best parts. There’s a growing market for parts modeling, also known as unrecognizable. Parts models get paid just to show off their hands, eyes, feet, abs and more for different brands. Invest in affordable treatments like pedicures and manicures. You can buy everything you need to do it at home or go to a nail salon. Keep your abs toned by exercising and by eating healthy foods at the right time. Also, you want to make sure that your skin smooth. Get waxed by professionals to prevent burns and skin irritations unless shaving is more your thing.

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