10 Must Haves for Your Model Bag

A model bag isn’t the latest seasonal accessory. It’s not a particular style of a bag either. It’s basically what’s in the bag of a model who goes on castings or a booking ready to slay. You may need to modify what’s in there depending on the casting, however. For example, you don’t want to bring heels instead of sneakers to a New Balance casting. Here are a few basic must-haves:

Model Bag Must-have #1: iPad for digital portfolio
Make sure that your portfolio is updated. Also, be sure to have extra comp cards to present along with your portfolio.

Model Bag Must-have #2: Charger
Last thing you want is to have a shiny face and damp clothes from working up a sweat because your iPad is dead. Charge your iPad ahead of your castings but have your charger in hand in case your battery juice runs low

Model Bag Must-have #3: Makeup bag
You want to have your makeup already on but you may need to touch up before you’re up. Remember, some clients, especially beauty clients like Clinique or Nefaire will request that you have no makeup on at all.
Makeup bag essentials –
eyebrow brush
lip gloss
Moisturizer or lotion

Model Bag Must-have #4: Visine or eye drop
Eye drops are great to clear away any redness so you look bright and awake.

Model Bag Must-have #5: Heels/pumps
Runway clients or designers will usually ask you to walk. Your heels can either be an open or closed toe pump that’s at least 3 inches high. Make sure you’re comfortable in them or practice walking in them until you are.

Model Bag Must-have #6: Nail kit
This doesn’t have to be anything professional. You never know when you’ll crack a nail so make sure to have a clipper and file. Also, clear or nude nail polish is great to have for shoot days and for castings. Nail polish remover wipes take up less bag space and you won’t have to worry about spillage being on the move.

Model Bag Must-have #7: Hair bands and pins
These especially come in hand during commercial and beauty castings where casting directors will want to see you with your hair pulled back.

Model Bag Must-have #8: Flat/curling iron
It’s always practical to have the correct hair curler for your curl type on set. Hair stylists have lots of equipment that they travel with and can’t always bring everything. If you want curls that pop once that camera starts clicking, do yourself and the stylist a favor by having your own iron.

Model Bag Must-have #9: Floss
If you want to avoid the embarrassment of having someone point out the spinach salad lunch that’s stuck in between your teeth or having it splashed across all of the monitor in your smiling shots, hustle to the nearest restroom with this must-have and handle your business privately.

Model Bag Must-have #10: A good read
Castings can be a drag and even the most live shoot sets. Keep your mind stimulated and inspired with a good book. It makes for good conversation, and keeps you occupied while you wait.

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